Our Credentials - Representative Cases

Airports International Power International
  • Director, Chief Executive Officer/Chief Operating Officer/Management
  • Two Channel Island-based infrastructure investment funds, including a $1 billion airport development fund and a nearly $1 billion alternate power plant development fund, both publicly traded on the Vienna market
  • Manage the operations of this restructuring and orderly wind down the project, dispose of the portfolio of assets, and lead the forensic accounting investigations and management of over $400 million of litigation associated with this case.
  • Europe, Russia

  • Director/Management of the Holding Company
  • Holding company of a £500 Million video game retailer.
  • Responsible for lending, corporate governance, and oversight of operational restructuring matters.
  • United Kingdom

  • Receiver of the forfeited assets, appointed by the Office of the US Attorney –  Southern District of New York (court confirmed)
  • Failed $500 million Connecticut based hedge fund
  • Responsible for liquidation of the fund’s portfolio and for identifying, investigating, and liquidating all assets traceable to the fraud perpetrated by the former management.
  • Reconstructed underlying financial information, worked closely with the Cayman Islands liquidator and the US Marshals Service.
  • United States, Cayman Islands

  • Director/Management of the Holding Company
  • Holding company of a £1 Billion UK electrical retailer and an affiliated insurance
  • Responsible for lending, corporate governance, and oversight of operational restructuring matters.
  • United Kingdom, Caribbean


  • Financial Advisor
  • Appointed by an investor group to investigate and evaluate the operations and financial affairs of one of the major entertainment media companies located in Southern California.
  • United States

Le Meridien
  • North American representative to the UK based Receiver
  • £2.2 billion restructuring of this world wide luxury hotel group
  • Lead the North American operations of the restructuring of the hotel group, including completing the individual sales of hotels based in Chicago, Los Angeles, and Toronto as well the overall restructuring workout of the remainder of the estate.
  • United States, Europe


  • Financial Investigator/Expert
  • Appointed by a major law firm to investigate and advise with respect to the recovery of assets of a former Head of State of a European nation.
  • United States/Europe/Caribbean

  • Forensic accounting investigation and expert testimony on behalf of the 11 largest lenders to Enron (prior to joining Kroll)
  • Investigated and testified in a case to recover the lenders’ losses from loans to Enron
  • While at Kroll, Atlantic Financial professionals were engaged by the bankruptcy estate as part of the forensic accounting team of the interim management of Enron.
  • United States

  • Lead advisor to the Chief Restructuring Officer of the UK parent company in relation to the US operations
  • $9 billion debt restructuring
  • United States, Europe

Ferranti International
  • Chief Executive Officer/Chief Financial Officer/Management/ Forensic Accountant
  • $2 billion multi-national defense contractor
  • Managed the US division operations prior to the parent company insolvency, handled the restructuring and eventual orderly wind down of the US operations.
  • Lead the worldwide forensic accounting investigation of the $1 billion international contract fraud and illegal arms trading scheme, and managed the related substantial and complex multi-jurisdictional litigation.
  • United States, Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa

Swiss Airlines
  • Director,  Plan Administrator
  • Restructuring of the $450 million financing arm of the Swiss Air
  • Directed the sale of the Gate Gourmet Group and the ultimate resolution of the Swiss Air estate.
  • Subsequently appointed by the bankruptcy court in New York as the Plan Administrator for the final corporate wind down and dissolution of this case.
  • United States, Europe

  • Chief Restructuring Officer (appointed by the US and Canadian bankruptcy courts)
  • $800 million pulp and lumber operation, traded on the NYSE
  • United States, Canada

US Marshal
  • Advisor/Forensic Accountant/Expert
  • The firm and its professionals have worked with and been engaged by the US department of Justice, the US Marshal Service, the SEC, and related agencies on various investigations and restructuring matters regarding a variety of cases including in the capacity as an expert.
  • United States

Photobition USA
  • Chief Executive Officer/Receiver Representative in the US
  • $200 million restructuring of a UK publicly traded digital imaging conglomerate 
  • Responsible for the orderly wind down of thirteen separate businesses in the US.
  • United States

  • Forensic Accountant for Audit Committee
  • $1.4 billion pension fund
  • Members of Atlantic Financial were integral in the forensic accounting investigation on behalf of the Audit Committee.
  • United States

  • Forensic Accountant
  • $1.7 billion fraud investigation
  • Professionals at Atlantic Financial supported the SEC investigation of this $1.7 million matter.
  • United States